Sudoku Solver: the free versions

Here are two free version of Su Doku (or Sudoku) solver. These are equivalent to earlier versions of the solver. One is a native windows version, the second is a platform-independent Java version.

Windows version: what it does

The free Windows version 1.3 of the solver provides the following capabilities:

How it works

This system will attempt to solve all Sudoku puzzles deterministically by the iterative application of a sequence of rules. For puzzles that have insufficient information or are very hard the system will then generate guesses and look for inconsistencies deriving from the guesses. If the puzzle is malformed (ie cannot have a solution as it contains a logical contradiction) then the solver will identify it as such.


If the puzzle can have more than one solution then the system will return the first answer it finds.

Downloads: Windows version

The following downloads are available:

If you wish, you can download the previous 1.2 version:

You can also download the original Version 1.0 program:

Java version: what it does

The free Java version 1.0 of the solver provides the following capabilities:

This Java version is roughly equivalent to the Windows version 1.2 of the solver. It works in the same way as the Windows versions.

Java version: downloads and installation

The following downloads are available:

Before installing, please ensure you have a recent version of the Java Runtime Environment on your system, available from The version should be 1.4 or later.


Simply place the downloaded file SudokuSolver.jar in a known folder.


Under Windows, you can right-click on the file and select Copy, and then right-click on your desktop and select Paste Shortcut - a shortcut will be placed on your desktop. Double-clicking on the shortcut will run the program. Or you can just double-click on the program itself.


Under other systems, you must make sure that the system has the Java bin folder on the system path. You can then go the program folder, and from a command prompt give the command:

> javaw -jar sudokusolver.jar


Of course, your system may support just double-clicking on the program (it will depend on your operating system and Java environment).


Note that first time the program runs you may get a warning that files are being recreated. This is entirely normal and can be ignored.


This Java version is a developmental version, and we are also new to Java. We would be grateful for any comments, especially on how it runs on different platforms.

Who are we?

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Contact us

If you have any questions or problems with the Sudoku solver, please feel free to contact us.


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